River Kwai International Food Industry Company Limited (RKI) is the leader in Thailand’s modern vegetable processing factory concentrating on super sweet corn. The main products are canned and pouched sweet corn products (Kernel and Cream Style). At the factory, RKI has various facilities, skilled human resources, professional management team, and advanced procedures to make the best products for our customers.

RKI is founded in 1994 and become the fully integrated agriculture producer focusing production efficiency, value added products and quality of products and services.


To become a strong competitive brand in the agriculture business which serves the premium quality products and services, not only to our customers but also other related parties.


1. To achieve the highest level of customers and related parties satisfaction by improving the production process in order to provide the premium quality sweet corn and minimize costs and resourcing the best raw material

2. To provide outstanding customer care, which based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), through satisfied employees and positively contributing to every society


Premium quality products and services

Customer satisfaction in term of quality, delivery and communication

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility