RKI is very concerned about its social responsibility. The first factor is the environment; therefore, RKI sets many of environmental support policies in order to ensure the friendliness with the environment, as followings;

– Advice the contracting farmers about the optimum amount of fertilizer used for planting in order to reduce and control of chemical in the environment.
– Advice the contracting farmers to plant rotating and cover crops to minimize the fertilizer consumption.
– Control the noise and smell in the factory.
– Proper handle waste in the factory.
– RKI provides the waste water treatment before recycled using in the irrigation.
– RKI uses the water in wasted corns in order to process bio-gas which can produce the electricity in the factory.
– RKI sells wasted corns (leafs and cores) to animal farms in order to reduce the garbage.

Also, RKI still has many environmental projects in consideration to improve the environment in the neighborhood areas.

RKI pays attention not only the environment, but also all related parties. RKI determines to create the sustainable growth by using win-win policies for all parties in supply chains.

Contract Farmers – RKI gives an opportunity for its contract farmers to make a living by themselves, not relying on overborrowing, by setting a policy of punctually payment to farmers.

Employees – RKI has policies to continuously improve the working environment for all employees in order to create satisfaction, happiness and healthy working places. Also, RKI has policies to train all of our employees in order to gain more knowledge and understanding. RKI pays appropriate amount tof employees’ benefit and return to all employees

Suppliers – RKI sets a policy to pay all suppliers on-time as the agreement. RKI also conducts all purchases with ethics.

Customers – RKI has a policy to produce the best quality of products to its customers. RKI manages all order with honesty and determination. RKI also has a policy to communicate with its customer when there is any unexpected matter.